Céin (Kyungho Kim) is an artist with a skillful execution in every mediums he plays with.
Graduated from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for Photography major, he not only express his ideas/concepts out with photography but various tools such as a film, design, sculpture or performing. He is much enthusiastic to create something new, and discover the different way to process it than any others. 
GroovMekanex, Huffington Post, 2014
SeeMeTakeOver, Times Square, NYC, 2014 (Group)
Jo Kwan Woo, Joongang Ilbo and more, 2013
Microphone Spit, MC Time, 2014
Funny Radio, Seongnam FM, 2011
Break,, 2006
Acoustic Jam, 2014
Treat Social Club w/ Adam Theis & Jazz Mafia, 2012
San Francisco Korean Festival, 2012
Hip Hop International Mexico, 2012
Fil-Am Festival, 2011
Feel The Funk, 2011
Street Jam Korea, 2010
Zippo Hot Tour, 2010

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